High-Tech center Gerätewerk Matrei

Supporting you in your cooktop projects and many others.

As a high-tech company and industrialisation pro, we are constantly developing innovative cooktop technology solutions, as well as supplying high quality metal components.

We will advise and support you in developing new products and advancing your existing products. Fast, flexible and ecologically responsible, we can produce your customized products in small to large runs. We can also provide support with our research and development department’s constantly expanding know-how and our laboratory.

We will be a powerful partner

for you in the development and production of high quality cooking solutions, standard metal processing and the manufacture of tools and fixtures with around 200 people working for us.

As an experienced team with a cooperative business form, we can provide solutions specifically aimed at your requirements.

We produce
complete appliances per year

In addition to individual components we currently produce more than 160,000 complete electric and gas powered appliances every year.


Continuous training and development for our technical staff forms the basis for constant quality improvement.

years of experience

Cooktop technology since 1948, from a small business to an advanced technology centre with the latest production system.


We are based in Matrei am Brenner – an ideal location for transport into the European markets, close to the Austrian/Italian border.

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Moving your business forward with our solutions.

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We offer wide-ranging areas of activity and fields of application, with exclusive opportunities for further development.

Jungprofi arbeitet in der Metalltechnik bei GWM.