Want to realise your idea for the kitchen of the future?

sustainable – user-oriented – ecological – fast

To ensure that your product is perfectly matched to the market, our research and development department will support you with design thinking approaches.

Working with you, we will develop innovative technical implementation solutions and advise you on user-oriented design. You decide which phases of the development process you want to be actively involved in.

Thanks to our small, efficient teams and fast decision-making processes, we can make sure that your product’s entry into the kitchen sector market is as fast as possible.

Our 6-stage development process

customised – flexible

Thanks to our finely tuned process, you can be involved in every phase, or just go through the phases you need for your project.

Phase 1: Project definition

Phase 2: Concept

Phase 3: Prototyping

Phase 4: Pre-pilot series

Phase 5: Pilot series

Phase 6: Series

Laboratory and prototype construction

We can produce samples for you in the fastest possible time in our prototype construction area. We can carry out the most diverse testing for you in our in-house laboratory and, if required, support you in getting your appliances certified.


We can arrange the approval of your products and support you in dealing with many different test institutes – e.g. VDE, UL, KIWA, DEKRA, SLG, etc.

Testing to country-specific requirements and directives
EN60335 | EN60350 | EN30AS4551 | ANSIZ21.1 | etc.

Any questions or concerns?

We will be pleased to advise you.