Gerätewerk Matrei

High-tech innovations for the kitchen – made in Tyrol

In the decades since it was founded in 1948, our company has developed from a simple production site to a High-Tech center.

Our special organisational form as a modern cooperative association means that, through the decades, we have been able to go our own way and establish ourselves in the region as an important business with the latest production systems and highly qualified staff. Our democratic collectivity and practised solidarity are an important part of our success story.

We are bringing the region to the boil.

With our exciting ideas, we are making state-of-the-art cooking spaces and promoting the development of good taste in technology.

With great passion we are developing high-quality cooktop solutions, producing complex sheet metal parts and assemblies for different branches. We are fascinated by metal processing, by creative design, by assembly and by the end result, with all of its many possibilities. It is this that gives us the enthusiasm to keep moving in new directions, inspiring our customers and supporting them as a reliable partner – so that their product proposals and visions can be realised for them, in a way that is flexible, fast and ecologically sound.

From production site to High-Tech center

With pioneering spirit and courage

The spirit of optimism and readiness to help after the second world war prompted a group of 52 people to create jobs for themselves and the region in the context of a production cooperative association. From 1948, the manufacture of everyday items such as electric kitchen appliances and hot plates was the order of the day. In the decades that followed Gerätewerk Matrei has developed into a company with the latest production systems and highly qualified staff. Today, as an High-Tech center and partner for many well-known manufacturers of cooktops and innovative cooking products, it has become one of the most important companies in the region.

Today we operate throughout the world

The majority of our sales are now exported. In addition to Europe there are sales markets in various countries in Asia and America.

Our cooperative association

We live technical innovation and tradition.

The sense of community is a top priority for us. Since we were founded our decisions have been made on the basis of a democratic majority. Our cooperative business form allows space for an open and frank collectivity, as well as for new ideas. This inspires our innovative spirit and knowledge exchange. Our customers and business partners benefit in that they get products of the highest quality, produced with the latest technologies.